Alien Concept Electronics

Alien Concept Electronics is about solving problems. Whether this is by using something electronic or changing a process, the important thing is finding the solution. Our expertise is in using electronics and computers but we are not blind (we hope) to other solutions.

Being solution driven and not technology driven we hope to eliminate mistakes made by focusing on the technology instead of the solution.

Managing projects, business expectations and outcomes is also an important part of what we do.

One area where we have tended to do very well is in interfacing diverse systems.

Systems architecture, especially with the re-emergence of virtualisation, is a space we find ourselves in frequently. Virtualisation opens up the ability to have specific environments, instead of trying to make general environments.

We are believers in Open Source, but more so in things that work. If the tool is the right tool we believe in using it. Above everything systems need to be reliable and maintainable.

We strive with all the projects we undertake to leave enough documentation / information that anyone with sufficient base knowledge will be able to take over.