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Open Source

What is Open Source ?

A definition of Open Source software can be found at the Open Source Initiative.

Freeware is not necessarily Open Source. You can read the definition of free here at wikipedia. So a large portion of Freeware is “Free as in beer” not “Free as in speech”.

Where ever possible we try to use Open Source products.

Open Source Products we recommend:

GNU/Linux Operating System

BSD Operating System

Docker Virtualisation

Libre Office Cross platform Office Suite

Ansible IT Automation

Puppet IT Automation

SQLite Simple SQL Database

Maria DB SQL Database forked from mySQL

Postgres DB SQL Database

Git Version Control

Nagios Systems Monitoring

Monit Systems Monitoring

Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana for logging

RT Ticketing System based on email flow

Reveal Javascript Presentation Framework

Dia Cross platform Diagram Creator